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Gift Box Set (Black) - Sicily EVOO 2 Bottle 375 mL

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ULTRA PREMIUM Biancolilla & Nocellara Extra Virgin Olive Oils



ULTRA PREMIUM Biancolilla Extra Virgin Olive Oil

ITALY  ~ Medium Intensity

Crush Date: November 2017


Sensory Notes:

Native to Sicily and relatively unknown, the Biancolilla has lingering pungency and very little bitterness. This creamy oil has vegetal notes of artichoke and savory of herbs. A complex example of this variety.  



Chemistry Assessment:

Biophenols: 422.1

FFA: 0.20

Peroxide:  6.2

Oleic Acid: 72.8

DAGs: 94.0

PPP: <1.0


Organoleptic Assessment:

Fruitiness: 4.8

Bitterness: 3.0

Pungency: 4.8




ULTRA PREMIUM Nocellara Extra Virgin Olive Oil

(ITALY)  ~ Robust Intensity

Crush Date: November 2017


Sensory Notes:

A coveted variety native to Sicily! This Nocellara has a lovely, distinct fruity aroma and floral hints. Pungent and spicy with slight, fleeting bitterness. This oil has middle notes of creamy green almond, artichoke as well as confectionary notes. A perfect choice for those that crave a little bite and fruitiness in one.


Chemistry Assessment:

Biophenols: 524.5

FFA: 0.10

Peroxide:  7.7

Oleic Acid: 73.7

DAGs: 96.9

PPP: <1.0


Organoleptic Assessment:

Fruitiness: 4.3

Bitterness: 3.0

Pungency: 4.0



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