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Emphasis on Freshness and Chemistry and Not Organic

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There are wonderful new changes our distributor has recently initiated. However, getting all of our literature to reflect those changes has been a bit challenging.

Our distributor is very well known in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil industry as the company who offers the freshest and highest chemistry rating in the world. That fact is verified by two olive oil laboratories for each olive crush produced.

For a very long time they were making a push to have all of the Fused and Infused Oils Organic but found that a very large portion of their customers and stores were more willing to sacrifice the ‘organic’ for guaranteed freshness, taste, stability, cooking attributes and overall quality. Not only that, but finding organic on a consistent basis was proving to be very difficult.

Because of that, they are moving in the direction of placing a higher emphasis on freshness and chemistry than organic. So now, everything we offer (single cultivar, fused and infused oils) will have an Ultra Premium rating but and not an organic one.

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