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Tasting Panel Class with Italian Olive Oil Expert Pierpaolo Arca - March 3 (Sacramento, CA)

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I had the pleasure of attending an Extra Virgin Olive Oil Panel Class with the Italian Olive Oil Industry Professional, Pierpaolo Arca, from Sardinia, Italy.  Pierpaolo is the Panel Head for the Montiferru Olive Oil Competition in Sardinia Italy.  He has a PhD in Food Technology, is an olive oil consultant and a judge for the LA International EVOO Competition.

We tasted over 12 olive oils in this class and discussed rating for intensity, bitterness and pungency.  We also discussed aroma and flavor notes of these varietals.  The most interesting take away from my perspective was a new milling technique that slices the olives rather than the current acceptable method that pulverizes the olive.

Starting to plan for our next European Mill Tour in Italy in 2018 - perhaps we can arrange a visit with Pierpaolo in Sardinia - one of the most beautiful places on our planet.

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