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First Olive Mill Tour a Success!

Earlier this week we took a group out to the Seka Hills Olive Mill in the Capay Valley.  The Yocha Dehe Nation have over 125 acres of olives in production with varieties of arbequina, koroneiki, and frantoio.  They planted the olives in 2008 and installed their mill in 2012.  The mill is used for production of the [...]

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Emphasis on Freshness and Chemistry and Not Organic

There are wonderful new changes our distributor has recently initiated. However, getting all of our literature to reflect those changes has been a bit challenging.Our distributor is very well known in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil industry as the company who offers the freshest and highest chemistry rating in the world. That fact is verified by two olive oil laboratories for [...]

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The #1 Reason You Should Learn to Taste Olive Oil

What if a water supplier could provide water that in reality was contaminated?What if an olive oil company could sell olive oil as “Extra Virgin” when actually it’s NOT—and in some cases even rancid?Unfortunately for you and me, that last question is our reality.According to USDA law, an olive oil company can fill a bottle [...]

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Why you can--and SHOULD--cook with Olive Oil

Often times when I'm introducing new folks to Chefs Olive Mix, people ask, "I can use this olive oil on salads, but I shouldn't cook with it, right?"The answer: YES YOU CAN cook with it and you should cook with olive oil as often as you can. The secret: it has to be a high [...]

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